My First blog post

Hi, I’m fully aware that just now I’m only talking to myself but hopefully someone will join me at a later date and I’ll be less lonely.

So… A little bit about me.

I’m Sarah, I knit, crochet and kinda know how to sew but need more practice.

I got into yarn related crafts when my health took a dive and I found myself with a lot of time and not much physical ability to get out and about, I needed a hobby that I could do while sitting/lying. A trip to the local poundshop resulted in some cheap acrylic yarn and some crappy needles, add to that some youtube videos and I was hooked.

Fast forward to now… I’m a self-confessed yarn snob with an addiction to hand dyed and ooak yarns, a Ravelry queue about a mile long, and quite a nice yarn stash.




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