Why I love knitting socks…

2017 pair number 5

I  love handknit socks! I love making them almost more than I love wearing them. 

The reason I made my first pair of socks was because I was suffering with badly swollen painful legs (another symptom of whatever they want to label my illness this week) and shop socks were just too tight and painful to wear, so the crafter in me was sure I could make a better alternative… and I’ve never looked back. 

As well as being awesome to wear, I’ve also found socks are probably physically the easiest things I can make. Even an almost complete sock is usually light enough for me to work on without causing me pain in my hands and arms. 

They are the ultimate portable project, I never leave the house without my sock project bag. You’re more likely to find I’ve left my phone and purse at home than my sock knitting. 

Socks can be as plain and easy, or as complex and difficult as you want them to be. From simple vanilla socks to beads and cables, or lace patterns. When in the middle of a brain fog flare I know I can still manage vanilla socks with an afterthought heel. When my brain needs a distraction, that’s where the more complicated patterns come into their own. 

Socks make an awesome gift. I can make a pair of plain socks in a few days, meaning as long as I can find out a shoe size (I’ve been known to use the randomness that is Fraggle conversation to sneakily find out sizes) I can make a practical garment (ok, I’m stretching the definition there, but you know what I mean) that will fit without having to take a million measurements. 

Socks are just awesome!


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