More socks…

These are probably the most complex pair of socks I’ve ever made. They have beads, lace, and cables, and if that’s not enough I’ve decided to do them two at a time. The pattern can be found here. The yarn is Purple Haze by Felt Fusion

One of the reasons I’m not a monogamous knitter is because sometimes I love the challenge of a complex pattern/construction, other times I need mindless distraction and a pattern I can knit in my sleep (I have been known to snore and knit at the same time, The Fraggles think this is hilarious).

Today is a good brain/bad body day. Mentally I’m feeling sharp and alert, but my body is screaming at me. Days like this are what difficult patterns were invented for. I can put all my concentration into the pattern and take my mind off the pain. 

I’m so glad I discovered knitting and a love of yarn, it has honestly saved my sanity. 

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