Lots and lots of birthday acquisitions… aka more yarn than a shop!

Wow it’s been a yarn purchase heavy couple of weeks, I turned 37 years young and my family all had the same present idea… cash for the yarn stash.

It started with a trip to my lys, Sitting Knitting in Mere Green.

This was followed by a day in London to meet up with about 25 yarnie friends for a day long knit and natter. One of these friends was the lovely Shadow of Felt fusion yarns, so obviously when she said she could bring a bag of goodies for us to look at and buy I just couldn’t resist

We met up in John Lewis so obviously I had to have a browse in their haberdashery department which led to this coming home with me

Enough yarn already I hear you cry…. well it was, until the Mr suggested a visit to the Bakewell Wool Gathering… whoops.

Think a rather drastic yarn diet is in my near future… after “yarn at Medicine” on the 28th that is…

Home Sweet Home

Me the Mr and the Fraggles are back from a much needed relaxing week in west Wales.

Lots of relaxing (aka knitting) and lots of exploring. We were staying on a working dairy farm, which meant that the Fraggles got to watch the herd being milked… something my little city kids had never seen before.

We found a gorgeous little beach that was as close to deserted as you can find on a sunny day during the school holidays, the water was soooooooooo cold yet the Fraggles were so much braver than me going right in and playing in the waves (I stopped at my ankles lol) .

No holiday would be complete without some souvenirs, with the natural coloured yarn being reared, shorn and spun about 16 miles from where we were staying.


This weekend was Yarningham weekend, a small-ish (about 20 stalls) yarn fair just outside Birmingham city centre and about 1/2 hour from my house… so it would have been rude not to visit. 

Every stall holder was so friendly and welcoming, and the small size meant it wasn’t too brain frying for me trying to choose favourites to purchase like it would have been from hundreds of stalls. 

My purchases were quite restrained… just 2 skeins and 1 cake with a few stitch markers and a project bag to go with them. 

The Deadpool bag, the stitch markers (lord of the rings, and small squares), and the progress keepers (weeping angel and converse) were from Owl about yarn

The yarn chemical symbol charms were from Yarnistry

The red and black cake is from PookGB and is a lovely squishy 75/25 merino/nylon blend. 

The skeins were from Jo.Knit.Sew again squishy merino/nylon blend with the purple and green dk skein having added sparkle. 

Following the shopping spree, me and my friend (who I took with me and corrupted into the world of hand dyed yarn) went into the city centre for food at one of my favourite quick eat places Pho

All this meant way too much walking, and way too many spoons used by both of us (she’s a spoonie too), but worth the pain and nothing a couple of days bed rest wont fix.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year. 

The final countdown…

🎶 do do doo doo, do do do do doo 🎶 sorrynotsorry… showing my age and my love of cock rock right there…

Yay we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year here and it cannot come soon enough. This week is a blur of sports days, drama performances, orchestra recitals, and summer fayres. Which means the Fraggles are beyond exhausted and extremely mardy. 

My solution to this is to abandon the Fraggles with the Mr for the majority of the coming weekend, so they can spend as much time as possible in their PJ’s watching netflix. 

This sacrifice isn’t an entirely selfless act… as I will be having a girly night with a friend on Saturday followed by visiting Yarningham on the Sunday. The yarn stash here has taken a hit over the last 12 months or so due to a budget induced yarn diet, my goal this month is to replenish stocks and add lots of squishy awesomeness. 

When Adulting leads to a flare…

Meh… Adulting sucks! I’m sure you all agree. Add to that chronic illness, and every spoonie will back me up here, and you’re just asking for trouble. 

My yarn output has drastically tailed off the last few days, I’ve been dealing with a crappy situation that I’d rather not be dealing with but if I don’t no one else will. As a result I’m in a major flare now, with a cold/fever type lurgy for good measure 😦 

I don’t know the science behind it but for some reason all chronic pain sufferers find that stress = an increase in pain levels. Usually I deal with it by sending myself to bed for a few days and then I’m back to my version of normal, however the current stress will be going on for a while so that’s not an option. I’ll get through this flare, I always do… but man I’d love to not have to Adult right now. 

I’m off to hide in my stash for 1/2 hour before the rest of the house wakes up and the day has to start. 

More socks…

These are probably the most complex pair of socks I’ve ever made. They have beads, lace, and cables, and if that’s not enough I’ve decided to do them two at a time. The pattern can be found here. The yarn is Purple Haze by Felt Fusion

One of the reasons I’m not a monogamous knitter is because sometimes I love the challenge of a complex pattern/construction, other times I need mindless distraction and a pattern I can knit in my sleep (I have been known to snore and knit at the same time, The Fraggles think this is hilarious).

Today is a good brain/bad body day. Mentally I’m feeling sharp and alert, but my body is screaming at me. Days like this are what difficult patterns were invented for. I can put all my concentration into the pattern and take my mind off the pain. 

I’m so glad I discovered knitting and a love of yarn, it has honestly saved my sanity. 

Why I love knitting socks…

2017 pair number 5

I  love handknit socks! I love making them almost more than I love wearing them. 

The reason I made my first pair of socks was because I was suffering with badly swollen painful legs (another symptom of whatever they want to label my illness this week) and shop socks were just too tight and painful to wear, so the crafter in me was sure I could make a better alternative… and I’ve never looked back. 

As well as being awesome to wear, I’ve also found socks are probably physically the easiest things I can make. Even an almost complete sock is usually light enough for me to work on without causing me pain in my hands and arms. 

They are the ultimate portable project, I never leave the house without my sock project bag. You’re more likely to find I’ve left my phone and purse at home than my sock knitting. 

Socks can be as plain and easy, or as complex and difficult as you want them to be. From simple vanilla socks to beads and cables, or lace patterns. When in the middle of a brain fog flare I know I can still manage vanilla socks with an afterthought heel. When my brain needs a distraction, that’s where the more complicated patterns come into their own. 

Socks make an awesome gift. I can make a pair of plain socks in a few days, meaning as long as I can find out a shoe size (I’ve been known to use the randomness that is Fraggle conversation to sneakily find out sizes) I can make a practical garment (ok, I’m stretching the definition there, but you know what I mean) that will fit without having to take a million measurements. 

Socks are just awesome!

Well, it’s been a while…

It’s been a while… so sorry for neglecting you. Shall we just pretend that didn’t happen? 

I’m in the middle of another painsomnia filled night, so I’m doing what any semi-sane person would do and I’m making plans for world domination…. well, designing a new sock pattern but that’s kinda the same thing. 

I’m half way through pair number 5 of this years socks, so I thought while I’m on a sock kick to make the most of it and switch on my designer brain. 

I’ve also started knitting my first cable sweater

The pattern is Lyndon by Amy Miller, and the yarn is Ella Rae worsted. This is growing quite slowly, cables and brain fog are not a good mix, maybe it’ll be done ready for next winter. 

For now I’ve got my kitty hot water bottle (every spoonie should have one) and lots of tea so I’ll cope without the sweater.